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Currently our company is servicing the North Carolina area.

We offer a wide range of services to meet the needs of the community. Providing dependable door to door transportation, for school age children, adults, the elderly and disabled.  We provide travel to and / or from community resources such as schools, after school, daycare, adult daycare group homes, medical facilities, and nutrition sites.

Enforcing safety and security regulations everyday is our responsibility as we transport passengers to and from each destination. We have emergency access to our centralized dispatch in the event of any emergency.

All vehicles are operated in accordance with the state and local laws for the safety and component of each passenger.

Customer satisfaction is the core of our business. We carefully consider what our customer’s need and why they have chosen us.

Constantly we are learning and improving our complete services, giving you the respect and consideration that you deserve. We appreciate each and every one and will go above and beyond.

As we continue to succeed, our objective is to serve you the best and highest quality at all times.  We focus on the company’s four beliefs. We are motivated on being a positive team player. Our rates are competitive and cost effective.  We are proud of the company and services we offer.



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